The functional characteristics of new energy battery pressing equipment

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●The specification of polishing wheel is ¢300*200mm (outer diameter*thickness), and the inner hole is designed to be ¢50mm. (Minimum size of polishing wheel ¢ 200)

●When grinding and polishing, the grinding head can swing back and forth.

●The service life of the abrasive belt can be visualized, and the wear of the polishing wheel is automatically compensated.

●The equipment reserves 3 dust extraction ports, and is equipped with a dust collection bucket or a collection drawer to facilitate cleaning of the garbage inside the machine.

●The spindle frequency conversion speed regulation.

●Motor overload has protection function.

●Adopt solid automatic waxing (wax loss can be automatically fed).

●The working range of the workpiece is 90-250 mm in diameter and 380-1800 mm in length.

●The jig with random belt.

●Guide rail dust cover and automatic lubrication.

●The polishing efficiency is about 1.5M/min

●Equipped with two sets of workpiece telescopic brackets, which is convenient for lifting and lowering the motor tube

●Polishing wheel clip ¢150


●The combinations of wheels are changeable according to different raw material & finish, it’s very flexible for wide application to cover future products.

●The speed of rotary table & jigs are adjustable as well, it will effect the processing time, this is a real CNC smart with digital machinery.

●There is a touch screen with friendly interface of system with editable for all those parameter settings, it will achieve whatever needed a perfect finish.

●Not only above, there is a auto-waxing & swinging system are optional for a high quality achievement.

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