About Us



HaoHan Group was founded in 2005. There are Four sister companies have been established in the past years.

As a group company, they have different mission & responsibilities on each field:

HaoHan ShenZhen Technologies Co., Ltd. is specialized in R&D for new products.

HaoHan ShenZhen Trade Co., Ltd. is focusing on Engineering service on projects delivery.

HaoHan DongGuan Equipment & Machinery Co., Ltd. is focusing on manufacturing of Pressing & Polishing machineries.

HaoHan (HongKong) Trade Co., Ltd. is providing overseas Trade & Financial services.

HaoHan DongGuan Equipment & Machinery Co., Ltd. as a leading manufacturer of pressing & polishing, we do achieved a number of milestones, we kicked them off one by one which obstacles what we were faced in the way, really it’s not enough, and we are not satisfied with our achievements. our expectation is a more advanced, higher precision, and more Intelligent equipment & machinery to solve some substantive problems that faced during production.

So, we keep ourselves moving forward and continuous innovation till the date, as we know science and technology constitute a primary productive force. Technological innovation is our only way out, we have to stand higher to make us go further, that’s why we put 6-8% of revenue into R&D in the past years, it has to be increased to achieve our higher goals.


Two brands were born in 2005 & 2006 under HaoHan Group, which named PJL & JZ.

PJL is a top brand for Pressing & Dispensing machinery.


JZ is a top brand for polishing machinery.

Both sister companies are separately operating, but our spirit & goal is only one.

Polisher: Surface treatment for whatever raw materials for Polishing / Grinding / Buffing / Deburring on Mirror / Satin finishes.

Pressor: Precisional Pressing, Dispensing for parts.

Product Range

Company Scale

company img-2

Plant area: 20,000+sqm and located in a central of industrial area. 

Administrative office: 3,000+sqm.

Warehouse: 1,000+sqm.

Exhibition Hall: 800+sqm.

Patents & Certificates: National + Europe + US

R&D: 8*senior engineers;

Workplace: 28*engineers + 30*Technician

Sales team: 4*salesman+4*saleslady

Customer Care: 6*Engineers

Market: Overseas (65%) + Domestic (35%)

Strengths 3A

A solution provider

Working on turn-key project. OEM is acceptable.

A creator & innovator

keeping fresh concepts & products in our field.

A professional & experienced team

16years on equipment & machinery manufacturing.


Remove the intermediate, make it happens between us, we will gain more benefits for both. Let’s move forward together.


Client is our Core, Your requirement, Our achievement.